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The Academy of Contemporary Photography provides a unique opportunity for education in the field of photography and contemporary art. It represents the masters class of Studio PvM’s courses and is founded on the principles of studio art similar to lectures that are common in under and post-graduate art institutions. During the one to two year course, students become acquinted not only with new photographic techniques, but they also study the history and theory of photography.

The course is designed for a maximum of 10 participants and the study serves as ideal preparation for art school entrance exams and admissions portfolios, provided evidence of a detailed program with the completion of a cohesive portfolio. Besides for the new acquired knowledge and experience, each successful candidate earns an international certificate.  

While the theoretic part consists of lectures, presentations and discussions, in the practical part students master their photographic knowledge through various thematic workshops. This course consists of four blocks called Portraiture, Documentary Photography, Still-Life/Staged Photography and Editing/Processing/Printing (more detailed description of each block). Consultation of photographs and work on an exhibition project form a significant part of the course.

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sing skill designation
The course is designed for those interested in photography and contemporary art, who have acquired at least the elementary knowledge in the area of photography or other creative art.

sing_1 form of study and locations
The course is taught during weekends or evening blocks, which are spread throughout an entire academic year.
a) weekend course: 10 blocks - intensive sessions once a month (Saturday and Sunday between 10AM-6PM)
b) evening courses: 32 blocks - sessions once a week (a specific day from 6PM-9PM)
the course is run in our photography studios and classrooms in Prague (see contacts)

sing lecturers
The warrantor of the program is Pavel Matela (artist, theorist and experienced photography tutor) and various theoreticians, historians and active artists are invited to the Academy as guest lecturers.

NOTICE: This is not a full-time accredited university program. Studio PvM cannot provide documentation for visas or accommodation for students. The program is meant for those already based in Prague who want a chance to study photograph intensively, but in a part time environment.