main picture_landscape photography

Landscape photography is a course designed not only for those interested in depicting nature and landscape, but also for those who aim to enchance their photographic knowledge more thoroughly. During the course, you will have an opportunity to practice all key aspects of conventional landscape photography as well as focus on other, less traditional approaches. The course consists of practical workshops in photography guided by a tutor, a lecture on landscape photography and an illustration of photo editing. Evenings are spent with group consultations of the photographs taken during the course. The course is popular due to favourable price as well as friendly form of tutoring in small groups of 5-8. PHOTOS FROM THE COURSE, VIDEO FROM THE COURSE (in czech).

sing skill designation
for intermediate and advanced level (knowledge and the use of shutter speed and aperture, the elements of metering)

sing_1 required equiptment
any digital or film camera allowing work in manual mode, tripod (recommended), adequate outdoor clothing and footwear

sing_1 form of study and locations
a weekend course running from Thursday (extended form) or Friday midday until Sunday (see schedule)
the course usually takes place in Vysočina, Jeseníky, České Švýcarsko or Šumava (participants vote for their preffered location)