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sing magazines about photography and contemporary art
Fotograf: contemporary photography, theory, four times a year
AteliƩr (Czech): art, theory, critical reviews, twice a month
Portfolio: contemporary photography in britain, twice a year
European Photography: contemporary photography and new media, twice a year
Art Review: contemporary art, photography, new media etc., once a month
Art in Amerika: contemporary art, theory, reviews, once a month
Kunstforum: art, five times a year
Photoworks: contemporary photography and visual culture, theory, twice a year
Frieze: contemporary photography and culture, eight times a year
Flash Art: contemporary art, galleries, exhibitions, six times a year
Camera Austria: contemporary photography, six times a year
Afterimage: media arts and cultural criticism, six times a year
Pavel Matela: artwork of Studio PvM's lecturer and photographer
Todd Forsgren: artwork of Studio PvM's lecturer

sing regular festivals of contemporary photography and art
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