main picture course photography I_pavel matela

Photography I offers an ideal form of study for those interested in acquiring basic knowledge of photography. It is the most efficient way of gaining technical skills and, for the more dedicated applicants, it can be a convenient introduction to both the world of profesional as well as creative photography. Learning the the principles of photographic composition and understanding all of the important camera settings with an emphasis on their application is part of the study. Weekly lessons and continuous evaluation of work during the study period ensure that our students gain a clear understanding of the given subject matter. Detailed study material is provided. Lectures are run in small groups of 5-8 participants.

sing skill designation
for beginner students with an interest in improving the technical quality and photographic content of their work

sing_1 required equiptment
any digital or film camera allowing work in manual or semi-automatic mode

sing_1 form of study and locations
two months course, lessons once a week on a specific day between 19:00 and 21:00 hours (see schedule)
the course is run in our photography studios and classrooms in Prague (see contacts)