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How to register for a given course?
The course registration is very simple. There is only a need for you to send an email with the name of the selected course (see contacts) and we will enclose you into the database of applicants. We will then be sending you emails announcing the start of the course of your choice. The final reservation will be confirmed upon the deposit payment of 500CZK through a bank transfer (account number 5265880237/0100, symbol 406 + applicant’s name), through postal money order or directly by handing this amount in the studio upon previous agreement.

What camera is suitable for the course? Is digital compact sufficient?
Although our courses do not require an expensive and fully equiped camera, there are minimum requirenments for a camera. In principle, it doesnt matter if you bring a SLR camera or a compact, however, your camera should allow work in semi-automatic or manual mode. If you are thinking of buying a new camera and you have not chosen a particular model yet, then we would recomend you to wait until at least the first lesson.

I have been taking photographs for some time and I handle the technical side of photography well. Some of the pictures, however do not come out as I would like them to and I feel the need to further improve. Which course would be best for me?
In this case it depends only on which theme you chose. If you are looking for an intensive course, then you may want to chose one of the workshops such as Portraiture I or Portraiture II, Night Photography and Luminography or Landscape Photography. In case that you would like to dedicate more time to photography, then we would recommend course Photography II Art. One to two-year long study, Academy of Contemporary Photography is designed for the more serious applicants.

Are your courses also for the begginners?
By all means. The innitial thought behind founding Studio PvM was to offer quality photography learning for beginners. The study requires any camera with semi-automatic or manual mode.

How many participants are there in each course? Im afraid I will not learn much in large groups.
You are absolutely right. Many current courses on the Czech market hardly fulfil the needs of its participants. Our courses are designed in such a way as to allow each participant to get a full understanding and practice of given matter. Depending on a course, we work in groups of 4 - 8 participants.

Do you focus on the technical side of photography or the composition?
In all our courses we try to make a balance between both, however, the question of composition is studied in more detail in more advanced and longer courses rather than in intensive workshops.

Is it posible to offer your course as a present? Do you issue gift certificates?
Of course, gift certificates, are commonly offered. All you need to do is to send details to be printed on the certificate together with the choice of the course and we will send you the gift certificate. More informations here.