titulni foto_letni skola

The Summer School in Photography enables students not only to gain new skills and experience, but it also allows for intensive practice. This multi-day course includes lectures and practical workshops on topics of landscape, architecture, portrait, documentary and night photography. Effective teaching methods, continuous consultations of your photographic creations, taking pictures in a small group of equally passionate photographers, and attractive pricing are some of the benefits of the course. The course runs in small groups of 5-7 participants. Detailed program: Prague Summer School, Countryside Summer School

sing skill designation
for intermediate and advanced level (knowledge and the use of shutter speed and aperture, the elements of metering)

sing_1 required equiptment
any digital or film camera allowing work in manual mode and tripod

sing_1 form of study and locations
Countryside Summer School: four days course running from Thursday until Sunday continuously
Prague Summer School: five days course running from Wednesday until Friday between 6-9PM, weekend from 10AM until 5PM