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Our lecturer Todd did a great job, and we learned a lot from him. He was always willing to give additional time and meet us before class if we had questions. I so appreciated that. I would love to take more courses, but I am leaving in June to go back to the states.
Sharon Matthews

I really enjoyed the course, the information was good and clear. I also believe the length of the course is fine, we got to learn the basics techniques and knowledge of the manual settings on our cameras. Now it’s just a matter of A LOT of practice to really master this.
Sylvia Lubberts

I like the course very much, Alex is doing a great job and has a lot of know-how! And he seems to know how to share it! I also like that he push us to do some homework (even though I couldn't do the last one...). I wish it was summer with longer days and we could go outside and implement together the new skills on more known field for us than the studio. On the other side, I think being able to use the studio equipment is also a fantastic opportunity.
Carole Spiller

I´d like the course, Todd is a great teacher and he managed to catch up all points for Photo 1 level.
Gordana Grbic

I really enjoyed it. Everyone was a high level in the class so I learned even more as I was realy a beginner. Unfortunately, because of mu baby I did not get time to do all the homeworks which I would have liked to put into practise what I learned from the lesson. I would be interested in taking another course sometime next year when I get some more free time. Many people in my office sounded interested in the course. If you send me some avertising I can put it up at my office.
Nicholas A. Megan

I enjoyed the course. The group was really good and Todd was also very dedicated and responsible.
Tamara Jelinek

I very much enjoyed both the courses I attended at Studio PvM (Landscape Photography and Photography II). I learnt a lot but also realised how much more I still don't know. The teaching was very good but just as important was the informal and open style whereby all students are free to ask questions and interact. Highly recommended!
Graham Johnston

Although I though that I have some idea about photography, I found out a lot of things which I didn't know at the course. Also, I would like to attend the Photography II course. 

I wanted to thank you for all of your words of advice and for making me a stronger photographer with a more critical eye. I thank you and my future photos thank you! Thanks again, I really appreciate your help and expertise!

I really enjoyed the practical approach of the course and the many chances I had to make questions about the photographic process in real time. The subjects were of particular interest to me, especially night photography (which fascinates me), portraits (which defies me, cause I feel I need a lot of practice with that), and product photo (which I need for professional reasons).
Given that, if there is one aspect that did not reach my expectations was the product photography. The time dedicated to it was shorter than what I thought needed for a good understanding of it. I know it is very complex and case-by-case, but compared to the much longer time spent with portraits it seemed to me we could have balanced it out better - especially because this is the category I would need the most knowledge about in my current life moment.
Mark was great! He guided us well and gave us explanations without under- or overestimation and a lot of attention with patience. He is obviously knowledgeable and always made sure to update us regarding the course planning and prepare us to what was to come and why.

Thank you Pavel. The class was very nice. I learned a lot!!

Thank you for your patience and your feedback request. I had a great time during the Art Photography II course and I learnt a lot. I found it was a very good mix of theory (going over the staples of art photography throughout the years) and practice. Personally I would have expanded on the sections dealing with themes, colour and composition, purely because that's what I tend to focus on the most. Both Alex and Mark were excellent instructors, very patient and open to help. Needless to say, I will be paying close attention to your course schedule and will sign up for further courses in the near future :)
Gonzalo Torres

I was a great class. Although I have taken many classes before, I learned many new things. It is always interesting to see other photographers working. I think the class was well structured and all information we received was valuable. Mark is a very good instructor. Maybe one improvement for the future, will be to give the students some written materials that they could refer to latter on. I know many people consider this a waste of time but I find it useful. Not all the information needs to be there, just the guidelines. I will be interested in attending other courses, please keep me informed.

I really like this course, it was an exact match to the level of my knowledge, I could use it to build on my technical knowledge and develop my skills in lighting and composition. Mark is a great teacher, very nice person to learn from.
The lighting part was great, I really learned a lot. It was also good to see some tips what you can do with lighting at home, not having expensive studio equipment. Composition was also good, I was missing a bit more of analyzing photos together for composition. 
Working with a model was really great. Maybe it is a bit too much to expect from such a short course, but I was missing a bit more help how to instruct the model, how to get great photo subjects with some basic ideas (what to do and what not to do with a model). I was also missing some technical help at the end to share everyone's pictures. We simply ran out of time and at the end we could not get each others' pictures.
In general I am very happy with the course, it was great value for money, it gave me a lot to practice and develop further on my own and I am considering other courses from your offer.
András Auber

I would like to let you know that the course was great and I really liked to come to the studio. This is mainly because Mark is an excellent teacher. He always had an open ear for our needs and was very patient with us. Given this he managed to give us both a good overview of the important photo techniques and a first feel for a good photo.
On the other hand I think the course covers all you need to know as a beginner. I even thought sometimes that there is so much information that I cannot “digest” all of it in such short time. So, I actually think the course could be extended by one or two lessons in order to give some room to talk a bit more about composition which is coming more and more into focus by the end of the course. Anyway, I will recommend the course to others (and I already did) and I might come back for Photo2 or one of your exciting workshops.

Overall I found the course helpful, interesting and covering the right spectrum of material. Two comments I would make which might improve the course are the following:
- courses with only three members miss the benefit of multiple opinions/approaches which a larger class offers (especially if someone is missing and then there are only two students attending)
- I think it would be interesting if at least one of the lessons were a joint lesson with both Pavel and Mark so as to expose the students to the expertise of both at the same time.

I really enjoyed the 2 days workshop, Mark is a good teacher and he's a very nice person! We had a nice time and I got what I was expecting to learn in a 2 days course.

I really enjoyed the course, unfortunately I was not able to attend the last class. It especially expanded my knowledge of how to use my camera and take advantage of the potential it offers. I also liked the homework assignments, giving me the opportunity to apply the things I learned in the course.
Johann Gruber