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Our lecturer Todd did a great job, and we learned a lot from him. He was always willing to give additional time and meet us before class if we had questions. I so appreciated that. I would love to take more courses, but I am leaving in June to go back to the states.
Sharon Matthews

I really enjoyed the course, the information was good and clear. I also believe the length of the course is fine, we got to learn the basics techniques and knowledge of the manual settings on our cameras. Now it’s just a matter of A LOT of practice to really master this.
Sylvia Lubberts

I like the course very much, Alex is doing a great job and has a lot of know-how! And he seems to know how to share it! I also like that he push us to do some homework (even though I couldn't do the last one...). I wish it was summer with longer days and we could go outside and implement together the new skills on more known field for us than the studio. On the other side, I think being able to use the studio equipment is also a fantastic opportunity.
Carole Spiller

I´d like the course, Todd is a great teacher and he managed to catch up all points for Photo 1 level.
Gordana Grbic

I really enjoyed it. Everyone was a high level in the class so I learned even more as I was realy a beginner. Unfortunately, because of mu baby I did not get time to do all the homeworks which I would have liked to put into practise what I learned from the lesson. I would be interested in taking another course sometime next year when I get some more free time. Many people in my office sounded interested in the course. If you send me some avertising I can put it up at my office.
Nicholas A. Megan

I enjoyed the course. The group was really good and Todd was also very dedicated and responsible.
Tamara Jelinek

I very much enjoyed both the courses I attended at Studio PvM (Landscape Photography and Photography II). I learnt a lot but also realised how much more I still don't know. The teaching was very good but just as important was the informal and open style whereby all students are free to ask questions and interact. Highly recommended!
Graham Johnston