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The school of creative photography under the umbrella of Studio PVM offers a broad range of photography courses from weekend workshops and evening courses to two years’ study of contemporary photography. Courses are characterized by an outstanding quality and effectiveness of teaching methods, resulting from an individual approach of tutors working in small groups. Lessons are arranged for all levels, from beginners to advanced level. We affer gift certificates for all courses.

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Besides the low number of participants, an undeniable advantage of our courses is an affordable price, which includes study material for the beginner’s courses. Since we emphasize the practical side of learning, most of the courses are taught directly in our photographic studios. Each year, there are more than 100 students graduating from our courses.

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Warrantor of the study is Pavel Matela who, after teaching photography in various institutions, founded this private school as a platform for all those interested in quality and financially accessible learning in this field. Other tutors are selected for their proficiency in the field as well as their pedagogical qualities. We colaborate with expert photographers as well as theorists.

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